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Spring season: You Like Most full Composition


Spring season: You Like Most full Composition


Bangladesh may be a land of natural beauty. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The spring season is one in every one of them. it's the simplest, the loveliest and also the most charming of all seasons. The Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra make this season. I favor this season most.


Among the seasons, the spring season occupies an awfully high position. To me, the winter is extremely cold, dull, and lifeless. In summer, the scorching sun, hot days and nights make life miserable. The heavy rain and frequent floods within the season bring great suffering to the people. The autumn and therefore the late autumn have more or less the disadvantages of the time of year and therefore the winter respectively. But the spring season has none of the inconveniences of those seasons. Coming after winter, it captivates the hearts of all.

With the arrival of the spring, nature puts on a full of life look. Everything in nature looks fresh. The sky looks clear and blue, trees put forth new leaves, flowers of charming color and scent bloom in trees. Bees and butterflies hum and fly from one flower to a different. During this season, a mild breeze begins to blow. Sweet twitters of birds are heard. The melodious notes of the cuckoo please our ears. of these charming and pleasing sights and sounds have a positive influence on our mind. Everywhere there's joy and mirth. People enjoy better health. Besides, during this point, various types of vegetables and fruits also are available.

The season lasts for an awfully short period. During this season, some people suffer from diseases like diarrhea, cholera, chicken-pox, etc.


In spite of its few disadvantages, its advantages are overwhelming. Truly speaking, its actual presence in Bangladesh isn't over two or three weeks. Perhaps, its short stay has made it dearer to us. For these reasons, I prefer spring the foremost.


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