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drug addiction paragraph

drug addiction paragraph

Drug Addiction-a great problem, - a social vice - several reasons- makes man beast- affects health- cause's death- like a contagious disease - a curse must be stopped.

            Drug addiction is a great problem in the modern society. It is a social evil and vice. Drug addiction is caused by frustration in life. Some young people take drug to forget their failures in life. Sometimes evil company and liking for evil things lead man to drug addiction. Furthermore, there are some very rich men, who are reckless in life, take drug as a means of enjoyment. Taking drug is a kind of luxury to them. A drug-addicted man is like a beast. He fails to control himself. He loses his physical as well as mental balance. He loses all the good sides of his character and moral restraint. Drug addiction severely affects ones all over the world like a contagious disease. It has become a curse on human civilization. It must be stopped; otherwise our whole society will collapse soon.

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