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TESLA Software Engineer Jobs and Reviews


What is TESLA?

TESLA is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company which is located in Austin, Texas.

Generally, TESLA manufactures electric vehicles, storage battery energy form home to grid-scale, supply solar panel and so many products. The CEO of the company is Elon Musk.


What kind of software that is used in TESLA company?

To give the answer of the question, at first you need to know how many services TESLA provide. So let’s talk about the service section about TESLA.


·      TESLA’s Electric Cars: The popularity of tesla’s car is increasing because this company already prove that electric car can be desirable for its outstanding performance and the combination of high technologies. So one of the places where the software is used in the Tesla company is in the electric car.


·      TESLA’s Solar Roof section: TESLA is fulfilled by its outstanding invention. It is one of them. Solar roof is like a magical invention. Solar roof used your home roof and covert it to solar tiles roof that can power your home for decades with the energy you produce. It’s the another section where software is used.


·      Solar Panel: Solar Panel is that service which use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. Firstly, it is used to observe the sun’s ray than convert this rays into electricity. Normally It is used where sufficient amount of sunlight is available for long time.


So TESLA’s company provide this three service to make our like easy and enjoyable and very charming. And this three section is totally fulfilled with software technologies. To maintain this three service, TESLA need software engineer.


Now let's talk about TESlA software engineer which belongs to their Car category.


TESLA find software engineer for vehicle design, development, manufacture and testing and also make smart features for an electronic car. Those who do all these duty and responsibilities are called Automotive Engineers.

So the first software engineer need in TESLA company is Automotive Engineer.


What is Automotive Engineer?

Generally, who are employed to design and build entire vehicles or individual parts or system is called automotive engineer. They may work on the vehicle’s like car or truck engine design, exterior and interior, performance, fuel efficiency or mileage, controlling system and so more.

They design the concepts to build and enhance the operation of the full car or individual automotive parts. They also work for safety and enjoyable features.


Now talk about Solar Roof section.

We all know that it’s a magical section on TESLA. Because it converts normal roof to power producing roof. Those who do this jobs are called Structural engineers.

A structural engineer maintains the full process of solar roof section and produce energy and power for a home or office.


Next talk about solar panel section.

Normally solar engineer do their duty for solar panel section. They plan, design and execute solar energy projects. They install a new solar energy panels on a home, office, institution, market and so many places.


Firstly, they search a place where they install a single rooftop for observe sunlight deeply. Their working rule is observed strong sun ray and convert it into power or electricity. If one engineer install rooftop, another one handles the logistics. A multiple number of engineer do their job in solar panel section.


Before any projects begin, designer design the full project, one logistic engineer ensure the current distribution line. By separating all steps, so many engineer work in a solar panel section.


In this way, In TESLA company have so many post as a software engineer in every section. Just you need to fulfill all requirement for software engineer section in TESLA company.


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