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CoDi: The Ultimate Content Creator or the End of Creativity?

If you upload a picture or type in a few words into an AI program, it will give you back a whole video with sound, song, or even a detailed ...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

Why Saudis F1 track has avoided street circuit chaos?

The Saudis have been hailed as one of motorsport’s most industrious and forward-looking nations.  But their recent track record at the F1 ra...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

Which answer isn’t true of "urban circuit" plays and musicals?

It was a Quiz question. There producers embrace the name ‘Chitlin Circuit’ because it is a recognizable brand. The term "urban circ uit...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Introduction: Man is naturally curious to know about various events of the world. The newspaper  is the best medium to satisfy this curiosit...

Engineer Simple

School Education Should Be free

Introduction: It is a universal truth that education is the backbone of a nation and school education is the basis of all education. Controv...

Engineer Simple

Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

Baishakhi mela-meaning-when sits - picture of rural Bangladesh - stalls of things- things available- cultural functions- people of all ages ...

Engineer Simple

Duties of a Student Full Composition

Duties of a student composition for high school students. You need to full fill this duty in your daily life. If all of the students follow ...

Engineer Simple 3

Pakistan New Prime Minister 2022

Shahbaz Sharif; How did the new Prime Minister of Pakistan become the Prime Minister in a hurry from the Opposition? First, Mr. Imran did no...

Engineer Simple

Machiavelli on International Relations

International politics and Machiavellianism "Strong as a lion, cunning as a fox. Mark the last sign of the enemy. Do not hesitate to wi...

Engineer Simple

Cold War

The conflict between capitalism and the socialist world Introduction     The Cold War is an important topic in international politics. It be...

Engineer Simple