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Essentials of Transistor Oscillator

Essentials of Transistor Oscillator

(Essentials of Transistor Oscillator)Fig-1 shows the block diagram of an oscillator.

Essentials of Transistor Oscillator

Its essential components are :

(i) Tank circuit

It consists of inductance coil (L) connected in parallel with capacitor (C).

The frequency of oscillations in the circuit depends upon the values

of inductance of the coil and capacitance of the capacitor.

(ii) Transistor amplifier

The transistor amplifier receives d.c. power from the battery.

Changes it into a.c. power for supplying to the tank circuit.

The oscillations occurring in the tank circuit are apply to the input of the transistor amplifier.

Because of the amplifying properties of the transistor,

we get increased output of these oscillations.


This amplified output of oscillations is due to the d.c. power supplied by the battery.

The output of the transistor can be supplied

to the tank circuit to meet the losses.

(iii) Feedback circuit

The feedback circuit supplies a part of collector energy to the tank circuit

in correct phase to aid the oscillations i.e. it provides positive feedback.

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