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About us

Goal: Providing proper information and building a strong connection between engineering and human beings.


Strongest site of it: Here we publish most valuable engineering articles daily which are running at par with current times.



Most important projects: Generally, our base is engineering to ensure an easy and a suitable life. For that we provide tech support, common problem solutions, general blog and books.


Story of beginning: At first time, when I faced a lot of problems, I couldn't find proper information. For that reason I spend a lot of time solving a problem. Then I think about how to make proper use of time and how to make a life easy with information. Then I start our website and upload informative articles.


Our team: To build and grow a website without man-power. We have too many man powers also. All guys are passionate about serving helpless netizens. To solve a problem, they thought It's a challenge and must solve that. Full credit goes to our all team members for their punctuality and sincerity.


How our team works: We work like journalists. We collect the main question of daily life and give a proper answer.  For that we research and provide accurate information by coordinating every information from root to head.


A place of our faith: We collect information from engineers and experts. Then we make a combination between words and science.  After much research we publish our words.



Our last words: Engineering is a branch of science. But In order to make life smoother we have linked it to all branches of science in such a way that it is difficult to separate one from the other.

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