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What Mistakes Destroy Life?

What Mistakes Destroy Life? These mistakes end our lives- 1.Addiction to pornography, then masturbation, if you can not get out of these, yo...

Engineer Simple

Our School canteen

Our School canteen A good school is supposed to have a canteen in its compound. There is a canteen in our school compound. It is housed in a...

Engineer Simple

A bridal Party

A bridal Party     A bridal party is a merry scene. Many people gather wearing their best dress. The women of the rich families wear gorgeou...

Engineer Simple

A Book Fair

A Book Fair     What is a book fair? What is its origin? Which are the leading organizations of a book fair? What types of books are availab...

Engineer Simple

how to consult a doctor

how to consult a doctor Firstly make an appointment with a doctor and go to him accordingly. Then wait in the waiting room. The patients are...

Engineer Simple

how to keep fit health

how to keep fit health     In order keep fit you have to follow the rules of health. You cannot keep fit without eating a balanced diet. Alo...

Engineer Simple

how to wash clothes

how to wash clothes To wash dirty clothes, first take a cake of washing soap and rub it on wet clothes. Use warm water for some time. The cl...

Engineer Simple

preparation for an examination

preparation for an examination     [There are a good number of students who work hard throughout the year but cannot take a good preparation...

Engineer Simple

How to Learn English

How to Learn English     [Most of the students in our country are weak in English. Though they try heart and soul, they cannot make progress...

Engineer Simple

How to prepare a cup of tea

How to prepare a cup of tea     [Suppose, you want to help your younger sister to learn how to prepare a cup of tea. Then you give her some ...

Engineer Simple