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How is an Ammeter Connected to a Circuit?

An ammeter is connected in series with the circuit by clipping it onto the wire so that the current flows through the ammeter. The ammeter m...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

Resistance Units

What's a resistance unit? A resistance unit is a device that provides resistance to the inflow of an electric current. Resistance units ...

Jannatul Baki Rakib

Why are Circuit Boards Green?

Circuit boards are often green because the solder mask, which is a layer of lacquer that is applied to the board to protect it from oxidatio...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

How to find a short circuit: Short circuits on Home, Home appliance, Computer line

There are a few ways to identify a short circuit. One is to use a voltmeter to check the electrical voltage in the circuit. If the voltage...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

Hydroelectric Science Fair Projects

Hydroelectricity is a clean and renewable source of energy, and it's a great way to learn about how energy can be generated and used. Th...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

How many watts on a 20 amp circuit?

A 20amp circuit can handle up to 2400 watts or up to 4800 watts. Ohm’s Law stats that , P=VI Here, P = Electrical Power (Watt) V =...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi