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What is a characteristic of a converged network?

What is a characteristic of a converged network?

  • it provides only one path between the source and destination of a message
  • it limits the impact of a failure by minimizing the number of devices affected
  • it delivers data, voice, and video over the same network infrastructure
  • A converged network requires a separate network infrastructure for each type of communication technology


A converged network is one in which multiple technologies such as data, telephone, and video are all delivered on the same network infrastructure.

What is a characteristic of a converged network?

Converging networks are networks that have a high degree of convergence. They are formed when a number of organizations or companies come together to form one larger organization.

These networks are often formed when there are mergers or acquisitions among companies that are part of the network. For example, if you look at the airline industry, you can see how it has become a converging network. Airlines are merging with each other, as well as with non-airline companies such as car rental companies, hotels, and entertainment companies.

What is meant by a converged network?

A converged network is a network that has been connected together with the help of a common node. This common node provides a common communication pathway for all of the nodes in the network.

What is a converged network example?

Internet Protocol packets can be used to send data and voice communications over the "public" part of the Internet, which is used for email and Web browsing. Traditional long-distance providers and Internet backbone providers include AT&T, Sprint Communications, Cable & Wireless, and WorldCom.

What best describes a converged network?

Which of the following is true about a converged network? from maintaining multiple networks for different services, like data, voice, and video, to a single network based on IP. Bandwidth: As all the voice and video networks are merged into one universal converged network, bandwidth capacity becomes more important.

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