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Explain How Technology has Affected People's Activity Levels

Our life is now indissolubly linked with technology. At every point of our daily life, we use technology. Undoubtedly, technology has made our life easier, more efficient, and faster. 

The use of technology has reached every level and it has affected our lives in every aspect. While technology makes our life easy at the same time technology has made some negative effects too. No one can deny that technology is to blame for reducing our daily activities. 

Too much use of technology can cause many serious problems such as obesity, diabetes, strokes, depression, hearing loss, vision impairment, skeletal issues, etc. And every day, the risk of being affected by these problems is constantly increasing. 

Here, we explain how technology has affected people's activity levels and how can we come out of this situation. 

Explain How Technology has Affected People's Activity Levels

How Technology has Affected People's Activity Levels:

Technology has affected people's activity levels on various points. It has both positive and negative impacts. From children to grown-up grandfathers generation everyone is involved with it. 

Some major sectors where technology effects are high and we should be concerned about it are- 

• Technology's effects on students' activity levels.

• Technology's effect on physical activity levels.

• Technology's effect on social activity level

• Technology's effect on people's lifestyle activity level

• Technology's effect on adult activity level

Below we will discuss how all of these affect our activity levels. 

Explaining How Technology Affects Student Activity Levels: 

The student's activity level has been highly affected by technology. Let's see its positive and negative affect on students' activity levels.


The positive activity level of technology on students is very high. Students are getting so many benefits from technology. They can learn about all the studies of the whole world from home.

They can achieve many degrees and join international classes. Students can easily get involved with a higher studies by using technology. 


The maintenance of technological devices is costly. Sometimes it's hard for a student to bear all that. Sometimes it's hard for teachers to make connections with students cause they are not experts in a technology-based teaching system. 

Technology-based teaching requires much hardware and software. Fixing and setting these waste a lot of time for students. The major problem with technology is that it could misguide the student with false and too much information. 

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Explaining How Technology Affects Our Physical Activity Level:

Technology's effect on physical sites is enormous. It has invented many sorts of devices for us which are amazing to keep a fit body. At the same time, overall technology has a very bad impact on our life. 

Let's see.


By using technology we can keep track and record our physical condition by ourselves. It has a great impact to improve our physical activity. 

There are several apps available on the internet that provide guidelines on how to maintain a fit body. We can keep a record of how much we are walking in a day, and how much energy we are gaining and losing, and it can also suggest to us the measurement of all these. 


The negative impact of technology on our physical activity level is also high. It causes problems with our sleeping time. The use of too much technology makes us lazy. 

Screen lights of mobile, TV, computer, etc are very bad for our eyes. It keeps us away from learning basic things like most of us don't know how to wash clothes without using a washing machine. These sorts of household work keep us healthy but cause of technology we don't involve ourselves with that. 

Explaining How Technology Affects Our Social Activity Level:

Social activities are important and it's mandatory for us cause people can't live alone. We always need to make contact with others. Technology plays a big role in our social activity level.

Let's see. 


Through technological development, we can now easily make contact with others. Many inventions of technologies like social media are very helpful to stay connected. Through technology, we can make meet people who are living thousands of miles away from us. Technology has changed the total view-making relations, etc. 


Well, technology has affected our social activity level a lot in a negative way. The ongoing generation's kids and teenagers are not good at making relations. They find it very hard to make a real-life conversations with others. 

People are getting involved with technology a lot rather than spending time with friends and family. This causes depression and boredom. 

Explaining How Technology Affects Our Lifestyle Activity Level:

The modern-day's lifestyle is completely different than the lifestyle of the previous generation. Technology has a huge impact on our lifestyle. 

Let's explore. 


It has improved our communication sectors. We stay connected with our friends and family every day through many online platforms. Technology has opened options for us to work from home. This flexible working place has changed our lifestyle a lot. 

We can shopping from home, we can order food from home, we can get any service we want from home so basically, technology has made life easier for us. 


There are some negative impacts of technology on lifestyle too. It distracts us from doing our daily tasks and jobs. Too much use of technology harms our mental and physical health. 

It's keeping us away from our daily life activities. Like walking, running, biking, reading books, making conversation, spending time with friends and family, etc. Technology is not a great help in that matter. Technology creates an alternative solution for all these but how efficient is that is a very long arguable matter. 


Well, nothing in the world is above good or bad. Everything in this universe has both bad and good sites, and so does technology. It's true that without technology we won't be here today, it has given us so much that we can't even imagine. 

However, technology has some bad effects on our activity levels too. We discussed those above. To keep ourselves free from those effects we need to learn the use of technology properly. We must not spend unnecessary time with technological things and this will do the job. 

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