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Data Engineer vs Software Engineer: which is best?

We all hear the word Data engineer and software engineer. And most of the time these two data science job sections might be similar for us. But one is different from another for their own responsibilities and working system.

Now in this article, we clarify the difference properly between data engineer and software engineer to guide your thought about your career.


What is Data Engineer?

A data engineer is a person who works with data in different process like analyzing, collecting, converting, managing and making data accessible for optimize.

Data Engineers are the intermediary between Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

Data Engineer vs Software Engineer

Data and information are the main wealth in current world. If you want to be wealth in current world, you need to ensure that all data is useful for any works.

Data engineer are creating frameworks and systems for analyzing data. Our world is fulfill by stored data. So you need to research your important data from these stored data.

And A data engineer does their duty by these process. They collect important data form stored data and research how to use this importance data. They do what we all should be doing with data.

Their main goal is that making data accessible for organizations to optimize their performance.

Now talk about Software Engineer.

What is Software Engineer?

Software Engineer is also a person who creates, develops and maintains a software for computer or other applications. It a profession where people use some calculative data and build products such as apps or websites.

We can tell that a software engineer uses some analyzing and optimizing data which is collected by a data engineer. They create operating systems, mobile apps, and software design using developing tools of software engineering.

What’s the difference between Data Engineer and Software Engineer?

If you look about these two profession, you will find the biggest difference between data engineering and software engineering is the scope of working section and services.

A Data engineer build data system or database for data scientists or analysts. And another site, a software engineer creates an application, a software or other products for public use.

In work place, A Data engineer works with data scientists, business analysts, project managers on a data science team and a Software engineer works with designers, programmers, and developers.

In certification and skill section, they almost similar but their approaches and goals are very different.


Difference in Certification Section:

A Data Engineer certifications are Associate Big Data Engineer, Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer, IBM Certified Data Engineer, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer etc.

A Software Engineer certifications are Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP), Certified Software Engineer, C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP), C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP), AWS Certified Developer etc.


Difference in Skills Section:

A Data engineer must have these skills like Coding (programming languages such as SQL, Python, Java, R, and Scala), Relational and non-relational databases, ETL (extract, transform, and load) systems, Data storage, Automation and scripting, Machine learning, Big data tools, such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Kafka and Cloud computing etc.


A software engineer must have these skills like Coding languages like Python, Java, C, C++, or Scala, Database architecture, Agile and Scrum project management, operating systems, Cloud computing, Version control, Design testing and debugging etc.


Difference in Salary:


Simply you can’t tell how much they earn as a data engineer or a software engineer. But a data engineer earns higher than a software engineer. Averagely, a software engineer earns one lakh dollar per year, and a data engineer earns one lakh twenty thousand dollar per year.



How to succeed these two profession?


To succeed in professional life easily, you need to know how to work in professional section, what’s the most important skills you need and mainly how much curiosity in profession what you like.


If you have so much curiosity and passion in these profession, then you can gain the importance skills or certificates which are discussed in top. Firstly, you need to complete your skills to work in this profession, then you should find vacancy section on high authority.


If you have so much talent and regularity, you can easily succeed in every profession.

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