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How to Talk to ChatGPT So You Get The Blog Article You Want

Are you struggling to get the perfect blog article from ChatGPT? Discover expert tips on effective communication, crafting requests, providing context, avoiding misunderstandings, and refining results. Read now and unlock the secrets to talking to ChatGPT!

There is nobody who is reading this article but doesn't know what ChatGPT is. Now, we are using this AI tool for many purposes. So, why don't we try to write our blog posts smartly by ChatGPT!

Many people are using this tool for article writing but they don't know how to use it properly for this purpose. Let's see the process step by step.

How to Talk to Chat GPT So You Get The Blog Article You Want

How To Prompt Chat GPT For Better Content?

Generate your niche/keyword-related Clickbait Titles

You generate your blogs by giving 4 commands. At first, you need to give a prompt like-

  • " Write some clickbait titles for a blog post about 'main keyword' "

In our article writing world, it is the most important thing to engage traffic. So, you can choose a title from the list.

Generate Your Blog Post Outline

Then give another prompt to the ChatGPT-

  • " Write an outline for a blog post about "your choosing title" with 7/8/9/10 subheadings "

This AI system will generate an outline. If you don't like the outline of it, you can again generate another outline on this same topic.

Generate Your Blog Post

Then it is your last task to complete your blog post. Now you need to give some commands on your subheadings-

  • "Write-'Outline Subheading' "

The AI will try to generate some essays about your related subheadings.

Generate a Hooking Meta description

After completing this process you can generate a hooking meta description for your article. To get your meta description, you can command the-

  • "Write some hooking meta description about this blog post in 200 letters"

It is the easiest and simple process to prepare your articles. Note this point, you should also need to verify the information of these generated articles.
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