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Best way to create How-to Guide with is a website that allows you to create how-to guides with screenshots, in seconds. You can capture workflows on any website or software, customize them with annotations and blur effects, and share them to multiple platforms with one click. You can also collaborate with your team members and access a shared library of guides.

The site is very easy to use and intuitive. The browser extension and the desktop app both worked smoothly and quickly. The guides looked professional and clear, and you may like the option to remove the Tango watermark and add your own branding. The guide me feature was also very helpful to follow the steps interactively.

My point of view

I think is a great tool for anyone who needs to document processes, train new employees, or provide customer support. It saves time, improves communication, and enhances productivity. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create how-to guides with screenshots, in seconds.

Related FAQs

Best way to create How-to Guide with

What are features of

Some of the features I like are:

1. Auto-zoomed screenshots: automatically crops and zooms in on the relevant parts of your screen, so you don’t have to waste time editing them manually.

2. Secure blur: can detect and blur sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal data in your screenshots, so you can share them without worries.

3. Viewer insights: lets you see how many people viewed your guides, how long they spent on each step, and what feedback they left. This can help you improve your guides and measure their impact.

Can you use on other browsers than Chrome?

The Tango extension is compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. You can access Tango for Chrome here, and the Chrome app also works on Microsoft Edge. Tango Pro subscribers can also download the Desktop app here, which allows you to capture processes outside the browser.

Can you use on mobile devices? does not have a dedicated app for mobile devices. However, you can still use on your mobile browser by visiting their website. You can also use Tango to video chat with other users on your Android or iOS device by installing the Tango Voice & Video Calls app. This app is different from the tool for creating how-to guides, but it is made by the same company.

What are the plans & prices?

The site offers a free plan for up to 25 workflows per user and a team workspace with up to 25 free users. The pro plan costs $20 per month per user and gives you unlimited workflows, admin controls, and custom branding. The enterprise plan is custom and offers more security, control, and support features.

How do you get started with

To get started with, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download Tango from their website or from the Chrome Web Store. You can also watch a video tutorial on how to install Tango.
  • Pin your Chrome extension by clicking on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser and then clicking on the pin icon next to Tango.
  • Start capturing a workflow by clicking on the Tango icon in your browser and then clicking on the Capture button. You can capture workflows on any website or software.
  • Edit your workflow by adding annotations, blurring sensitive information, drawing freehand, or customizing your logo and colors.
  • Share your workflow by publishing it to multiple knowledge bases with one click, sharing a direct link, or exporting it to PDF, HTML, or Markdown.

That’s it! You have created your first how-to guide with You can also invite others to join your team workspace and collaborate on workflows.

What are some alternatives to

Some alternatives to are:

-Loom: a video communication tool allowing users to record and share video messages.

-Vidyard: a video marketing and communication platform that offers a range of features to help businesses create and manage their video content.

-CloudApp: a tool that lets users capture screenshots, GIFs, and videos and share them instantly.

-UserGuiding: This tool helps users create interactive product tours and onboarding guides without coding.

-Minerva: a tool that helps users create step-by-step guides for any website or web app.

-Scribe: The tool helps users create documentation and tutorials for any software or website.

-Iorad: The tool helps users create interactive tutorials and training materials in minutes.

-Dubble: This tool helps users create screencasts, screenshots, and text guides for any website or web app.

These are some of the popular Tango alternatives available in 2023. I hope this helps you find the best option for your needs.

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