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Causes and effects of water pollution


There are many elements of the environment. Water is one of the most important elements of the environment. Water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. But today we pollute water in many ways. The Causes and effects of water pollution are very horrible. 


Causes and effects of water pollution


Water pollution is the most talked topic in the present world. Pollution means the process of making anything dirty and harmful. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as oceans seas, lakes, rivers, groundwater and aquifers by pollutants.

Reasons for water pollution:

People consider toxic water if it is poisonous, radioactive and explosive.

A wide variety of substances, plant nutrients, toxic chemical waste can pollute water bodies. Sometimes radioactive wastes polluted water. Uranium mining, nuclear power plants generate it.

And also the production and testing of military weapons, as well as by universities and hospitals that use radioactive materials for research and medicine.

Sometimes petroleum pollution occurs when oil from the road and parking lots of carried in surface runoff into water bodies.

causes and effects of water pollution.

We know that light is an element of our environment. But sometimes it is very dangerous for our pure water. High temperature pollutes water.

On the other side, there is a natural type of contamination of water, as it results from natural existing microorganisms such as protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

Effects of water pollution:

Accidentally released or improperly disposed of contaminants threaten groundwater, surface water, and marine resource.

Humans and animals can exposure to heavy toxicity through the food web, direct consumption of water containing metal or via inhalation. Valuable species of game fish cannot survive in water with very low levels of dissolved oxygen. Although estuaries and oceans contain vast volumes of water,  their natural capacity to absorb pollutants is limited. Sometimes, unsightly and dangerous waste materials can wash back to shore and littering beaches with hazardous debris.

For the high temperature of light, water pollution may occur. Fisher cannot live in deep water at this time. They cannot get much oxygen at high temperatures.

The effects of microbiological pollution are common in areas where people drink untreated water. All organisms, including man, need pure water for their survival.

Water containing some of these microorganisms can cause diseases such as cholera and bilharzia.

The effects of their waterborne pollution, however, range from contamination of drinking water causing drinking water quality problems to the emission of greenhouse gases, resulting in climatic change challenges.

How to prevent:

So we need to take some proper steps to remove water pollution. The Water resource manager had strongly depended on wastewater treatment in ensuring that the quality of water is sustained preserved and maintained for optional use.

If we do not manage well for water pollution, it may be inevitable with different kinds of pollutants.

While some of these pollutants, like heavy metals, are not degraded at all, some others disintegrated very slowly and can be transported to hundreds of kilometers away from the source.

Furthermore, usage and disposal approaches should be in place to minimize it. The addition of critical pollutants into the aquatic environment.

Besides, we should understand and quantify properly for system-specific properties and reactivities

It can, therefore, be concluded that whatever form of measures taken in inhibiting both surface and groundwater will not only advance our aquatic ecosystem.

But it will also help a man from further endangering his environment from the menace of climate change.

We should raise awareness among the people by highlighting the causes and effects of water pollution

Effective environmental protection policy's compliance drive will be of immense benefit to the environment and extension to humans.


Water is an essential natural resource for the life of all living things. Any irresponsible behavior in the part of humanity affects all the other beneficiaries. Consequently, there is a need to protect water bodies from deliberate pollution.

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