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how to solve analogies

How to Solve Analogies

how to solve analogies


Questions involving analogies ask to seek out the connection between the pairs of words the connection between the words within the question asked is analogous (or dissimilar) to the choices you've got to seek out out the right option

Types of Analogies

  • Antonyms: Words that have opposite meaning

  • Synonyms: Words that have same meaning

  • Descriptive: One word describes the opposite

  • Part to Whole: One word is a component or piece of the opposite

  • Item to Category: One word belongs to the category of the opposite

  • Degree: One word is more intense than other

Three-Step Bridge Method for Solving Analogies

  1. Step 1: Build a robust bridge (relationship) sentence relating the words within the question pair. The bridge should be as short and clear as possible.

  2. Step 2: Use this bridge with each answer choice, inserting them in situ of the words within the question pair.

  3. Step 3:  the solution are going to be the sentence which is that the most rational . If after completing steps 1 and a couple of you continue to haven't found the solution pair that works, it's going to be necessary to regulate the bridge sentence.

Example 1: Bad : Terrible

  1. hard : difficult

  2. hot : warm

  3. funny : hilarious

  4. right : wrong

  5. young : new

Something that's extremely bad is terrible. Something that's extremely funny is hilarious.

Example 2: Candy : Sweet

  1. man : strong

  2. time : fast

  3. money : powerful

  4. movie : exciting

  5. fire : hot

A characteristic of a candy is to be sweet. A characteristic of a fireplace is to be hot.

Example 3: Finger : Hand

  1. ball : game

  2. clock : room

  3. wheel : car

  4. hat : suit

  5. man : woman

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how to solve analogies

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