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natural calamaties in bangladesh full composition


natural calamaties in bangladesh


Bangladesh is such a country that is affected by various national calamities almost every year. It seems that these natural calamities are our daily companions. Internationally Bangladesh is known as a country of natural climate is and hunger. What cyclone draught are the most common natural calamities that visit Bangladesh almost every year. Flood is the almost natural calamaties in bangladesh.

It is mainly caused by the heavy words of rains in the rainy season. Flood causes a heavy loss of life, property and crops, streets, roads in the houses go under water. Crops and cattle are wash away. People take shelter on house tops, trees, boats and embankments. They become homeless and your place. After flood came in and base line break out. The flood of 1988 and 1998 who was the most terrible in Bangladesh. What is a cars to our country. Yet it doesn't good to ask scattering filled with has made all and the land of greenery and the land of the Golden fibre.

Cyclone is a violent type of winds rotating around any region. Bangladesh is a low lying land. So, cyclones visit Bangladesh very frequently. Usually it has its origin on the saving to low pressure of atmosphere. Depression in the Bay of Bengal is the cause of cyclones in Bangladesh.

This depression results

This depression results in a severe cyclone, storm with advances rapidly and hits the optional Island. Sometimes 51 is attend with Tidal bore. In 1991 Bangladesh was attack by A terrible cyclone. Cyclone causes terrible destruction. It destroys crop in dangers steamers ships capsizes boats and launches and kills men in cattle. Drought is another frequent natural calamaties in bangladesh. It mainly happens in summer. Indiscriminate chopping of trees is the prime cause of drought.

It causes damage to crops almost every yaar. The irrigation system of Bangladesh is not much developed. Besides the Farakka barrage of West Bengal has diminished the flow of water in the rivers of a country. Allah result I want to go have to suffer a lot of to grow crops in dry season. We have no control of whims of nature. We had better take precautionary steps to face the natural calamities. People from all walks to life should come forward to help the victims by providing food crops shelter and other necessary things.
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