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A Book Fair

A Book Fair

A Book Fair


What is a book fair? What is its origin? Which are the leading organizations of a book fair? What types of books are available in a book fair? When does the fair become crowded? What does a book fair remind a man? How does a book fair do well to people?

            A book fair is a fair in which books of various writers and on various subjects are displayed for publicity as well as for sale. It has recently become very popular in our country. Nowadays book fairs are arranged almost in every city and town on some special occasions. In fact, this tradition originated from the book fairs held at Bangla Academy in commemoration of the Language Movement. All sorts of books, such as books of poetry, books of stories, fictions, novels, biographies, autobiographies, dramas, books for children, books on medicine, engineering, politics, history, philosophy, religion, general knowledge etc. are brought to the fair for display and sale. People both young and old, especially the lovers of books, come to the fair to make their choice and buy books. A book fair becomes over crowded in the afternoon of a holiday. A book fair reminds us the history of our Language Movement. It also reminds us that books ate our best friends. It helps people by promoting the publication of books to spread education and knowledge among them.

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