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a picnic you enjoyed paragraph

a picnic you enjoyed paragraph

A picnic - a pleasant program me-we had a picnic-its venue-under guidance of teacher-hired a bus-had breakfast-carried musical instruments, cassette player etc. took cooks-ate different items of food-enjoyed sights and beauties-enjoyed boat race-played some games in competition prize distribution-teacher's speech-return home.

A picnic is a very pleasant program. It gives both joy and experience. We, the students of class IX, had a picnic in last December after our annual examination. Gazipur National Park was our venue. Under the guidance of our class teacher, we started from our school by a hired bus and reached there at 10 a.m. After reaching there, we had our breakfast which includes eggs, loaves and bananas. We carried with us a microphone, a cassette player, a guitar and a flute. Two of our class mates could play on guitar and flute. They enchanted and enthralled us with their melodious performance. Our delicious menu included polao, chicken roast, muttons, salad, curd and an apple for each. We all ate to our heart's content. Then we went into the Bhawal forests to enjoy sights and beauties. There was a lake in the fore stand in that lake we enjoyed boat race. We also took part in some competitive games. At the end of the games, the winners were given prizes. Then the teacher gave a short speech, and we started for home at 5 p.m. As it was evening, the beauty of the setting sun drew our attention. However, we reached our school again and then returned home with rich feelings of joy and pleasure.

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