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Use of English Language

Use of English Language

English-an international language-most widely used-needed to have a good job-required for people of all sectors-for international business-for foreign relation-for tourists - for science and technology-cannot be ignored in modern world.

English is the most important and most widely used international language. Without English, we cannot do anything in this modern world. Without having proficiency in English we cannot hope to get a good job. If we want to become a postman, a telephone operator, a nurse, a waiter or a receptionist, we need English. A doctor, a banker, a pilot, a secretary, an educationist should have the knowledge of English. For business communication and correspondence with foreign countries English is a must. We must have to use English is essential for a tourist. A foreigner has to speak English to another foreigner. In the airports and hotels in foreign countries, we have no alternative except English language to communicate. Modern age is an age of computer and information technology. We must have the knowledge of English to do a job in any of these fields. The modern world is a global village and every nation is a member of this village. To become an active member of this village we need English.

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