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A Street Beggar Paragraph

A Street Beggar

A Street Beggar Paragraph



A street beggar is a person who begs in streets. He is found in tatters sitting at one side of a street which is usually crowded and busy. He is seen going after a passerby for some paisa or a small coin. He does not stop until he is given something or refused gently. A street beggar draws the attention and sympathy of the pedestrians by his pleasing voice and modest request. Nowadays both male and female beggars are found in streets. They do not possess gook health. Some are sick, and some are very weak and emaciated. A street beggar does not have any house to live in. He sleeps in the street or anywhere under the open sky. He lives a life of sorrows and miseries. As he lives on the charity of others, he often goes without food. He lives by the small amount that he gets by begging. He cannot beg during bad weather. Nowadays, there are many street beggars who are professional. They should not be shown kindness. But we should be kind to a real street beggar

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