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Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

Baishakhi mela-meaning-when sits - picture of rural Bangladesh - stalls of things- things available- cultural functions- people of all ages go there- melas held throughout the month - establishes a relation between village life and city life - a source of joy.

Baishakhi mela (fair) is a fair which is held regularly every year in the month of Baishakh, the first Bengali month. In a Baishakhi mela, stalls of various things and articles of daily necessity are set op. Baishakhi mela bears an image of the rural Bangladesh. It beautifully reflects the true rural picture of our country. In these stalls potteries and traditional handicrafts, bamboo flutes etc. are mostly available . In such a fair sometimes some cultural functions of the traditional Bangla folk song, zaree, sharee, bhawaia and zatra are held. People of all ages go to this mela to buy things and enjoy it. Especially boys and girls go there with their elders and enjoy much. Baishakhi mea is held at different places of the rural areas throughout the month of Baishakh. Nowadays this fair is also noticeable in towns and cities. However, it establishes a relationship between the village life and city life. It is a source of joy and mental recreation.

Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

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