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Classification Of Amplifiers

Classification Of Amplifiers


Classification Of Amplifiers


Classification Of Amplifiers-The transistor amplifiers may be classified as to their usage, frequency capabilities, coupling methods and mode of operation.

(i) According to use:

The classifications of amplifiers as to usage are basically voltage amplifiers and
power amplifiers. The former primarily increases the voltage level of the signal. Whereas the latter mainly
increases the power level of the signal.

(ii) According to frequency capabilities:

According to frequency capabilities, amplifiers are classify as audio amplifiers, radio frequency amplifiers etc. The former are use to amplify the signals lying in the audio range i.e. 20 Hz to 20 kHz whereas the latter are used to amplify signals having very high frequency.

(iii) According to coupling methods:

The amplifiers are frequently classify according to their mode of operation as class A. Class B and class C amplifiers. This classification depends on the portion of the input signal cycle during. Which collector current is expect to flow.

Thus, class A amplifier is one in which collector current flows for the entire a.c. signal. Class B amplifier is one in which collector current flows for half-cycle of input a.c. signal. Finally, class C amplifier is one in which collector current flows. For less than half-cycle of a.c. signal.

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