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Principles of Electronics VK Mehta

Principles of Electronics VK Mehta

Principles of Electronics VK Mehta
PRINCIPLES OF ELECTRONICS- In this fast developing society, electronics has come to stay as the most important branch of engineering. 

Electronic devices are being used in almost all the industries for quality control. Automation and they are fast replacing the present vast army of workers engaged in processing and assembling in the factories. Great strides taken in the industrial applications of electronics
during the recent years have demonstrated that this versatile tool can be of great importance in increasing production, efficiency and control.
The rapid growth of electronic technology offers a formidable challenge to the beginner, who
may be almost paralysed by the mass of details. However, the mastery of fundamentals can simplify
the learning process to a great extent. The purpose of this chapter is to present the elementary knowledge in order to enable the readers to follow the subsequent chapters.

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