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IC voltage regulators(Update)

IC voltage regulators

IC voltage regulators(Update)
IC voltage regulators- We can also use intertwined circuits (IC) to produce voltage controllers.

One advantage of IC voltage controllers is that parcels like thermal compensation, short circuit protection and swell protection can be erected into the device.

Utmost of the generally used IC voltage controllers are three-terminal bias.

Fig-1 shows the schematic symbol for a three-terminal IC voltage controller.




There are principally four types of IC voltage controllers viz

(i) Fixed positive voltage controllers

(ii) Fixed negative voltage controllers

(iii) Malleable voltage controllers

( iv) Binary- shadowing voltage controllers

The fixed positive and fixed negative IC voltage controllers are design to give specific affair voltages.

For illustration, LM 309 ( fixed positive) provides a 5V d.c. affair (as long as the
controller input voltages are within the specified ranges).

The malleable voltage controller can be
acclimate to give anyd.c. affair voltage that's within its two specify limits.

For illustration, the LM 317 affair can be acclimate to any value between its limits of 1.2 V and 32V d.c.

Both positive and negative flexible controllers are available.

The double- tracking controller provides equal positive and negative affair voltages.

For illustration, the RC 4195 provides labors of 15V and -15V d.c. Malleable binary- shadowing controllers are also available.

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