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Regulated DC Power Supply

Regulated DC Power Supply

In general, electronic circuits using tubes or transistors demand a source of d.c. power.
For illustration, in tube amplifiers, d.c. voltage is demanded for plate, 


Regulated DC Power Supply


screen grid and control grid.

Also, the emitter and collector bias in a transistor must also be direct current.

Batteries are infrequently use for this purpose as they're expensive and bear frequent relief.

Regulated DC Power Supply
Regulated DC Power Supply

In practice, d.c. power for electronic circuits is most accessibly attain from

marketable a.c. lines by using rectifier- purifier system, called a d.c. power force.

The therapy- sludge combination constitutes an ordinary d.c. power force.

The d.c. voltage from an ordinary power force remains constant so long as a.c.

mains voltage or cargo is unalter.

Still, in numerous electronic operations,

it's ask that d.c. voltage should remain constant

irrespective of changes in a.c. mains or cargo.

Under similar situations, voltage regulating bias are use with ordinary power force.

This constitutes regulated d.c. power force and keeps the d.c. voltage at fairly constant value.

In this chapter, we shall concentrate our attention on

the varied voltage regulating circuits used to gain regulated power force.

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