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Tuned amplifiers

Tuned amplifiers

Amplifiers which amplify a specific frequence or narrow band of frequentness are called tuned amplifiers.

Tuned amplifiers

Tuned amplifiers are substantially use for the modification of high or radio frequentness.

It's because radio frequentness are generally single and the tuned circuit permits their selection and effective modification.

Still, similar amplifiers aren't suitable for the modification of audio frequentness as they're admixture of frequentness from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and not single.

Tuned amplifiers are extensively use in radio and TV circuits where they're call upon to handle radio frequentness.

Fig-1 shows the circuit of a simple transistor tuned amplifier.

Then, rather of cargo resistor, we've a resemblant tuned circuit in the collector.
The impedance of this tuned circuit explosively depends upon frequence.

It offers a veritably high impedance at reverberative frequence and veritably small impedance at all other frequentness.

Still, large modification will affect due to high impedance of LC circuit at this frequence, If the signal has the same frequence as the reverberative frequence of LC circuit.

When signals of numerous frequentness are present at the input of tuned amplifier, it'll elect and explosively amplify the signals of reverberative frequence while * rejecting all others.

Thus, similar amplifiers are veritably useful in radio receivers to elect the signal from one particular broadcasting station when signals of numerous other frequentness are present at the entering upstanding.


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