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What Mistakes Destroy Life?

What Mistakes Destroy Life?

These mistakes end our lives-

What Mistakes Destroy Life?

1.Addiction to pornography, then masturbation, if you can not get out of these, you have to suffer the terrible consequences.

2.If you smoke 1 cigarette, nothing happens. Which in most cases leads to severe levels of addiction.

3.Whatever you do, whether it is good or bad for you, if you do it over and over again, your brain will make you addicted to whatever you do.

4.Comparing yourself with others. Which ultimately lowers one's self-esteem
Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.

5.The time to focus on one's career is to be attracted to something else.
Working on time, not on time, regretting later.

6.For example, after getting the exam question in hand, and if I had time one more day, I would definitely get A + to say it.

7.In life we ​​go through many academic exams.

Most tests last 3 hours.

When the time is up, sir take our notebook.

Then, if I, you say, sir wrote a wrong answer, give 2 minutes extra time.

Certainly not us.

8.The Creator has given us a lot of time to correct our mistakes, until we give up our last breath.

But if someone does not come out of his mistakes within this time, when you will face him later.

Certainly can not say. Give me some more time !!

9.If the result sheet has been prepared beforehand according to your life's work, then there will be no chance of correction.

10. The Creator is very merciful, possessing infinite power.

He can forgive many things if he wants. But brother / sister, there is a limit to everything, if you cross it, destruction is inevitable.

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