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How to Add Credit to a Google Voice Account in 3 Ways

Google Voice is a very popular calling application maintained and owned by Google. The application provides various service types of services. For example, you can make local and international calls, you can send text messages, record calls, send voicemails, and some other features available here. Google voice users' favorite feature is voicemail transcription.

Most of these features of Google Voice are free. And if you are from USA or Canada then the charge is almost zero for all the services. However, while making international calls, you will require credits also sometime google may charge you for some service.

We are here to show you how to add credit on Google Voice and some other stuff that will help you to learn more about the apps.
Let's start.

Google Voice add credit

How to add credits on Google Voice Account:

There are two ways to add credit to your Google Voice account. Either you can do it through google apps or you can choose the android apps process to add credit.
We will see both options of how to add payment on Google Voice.

How to add credit on Google Voice via the website:

• First go to the Google Voice official webpage.
• The next thing you have to do is click on the setting button. The button is located at the top-right corner of the screen.
• A left pan will open on the screen and you will find the "Payment" option there, click on that. Then a window will open where you will have to click on the "Add Credit" option.
• A message will pop up on the screen and this will ask you how much credit you wanna add to your account. The option for adding payment is 10.00$, 25.00$, and 50.00$. On that page, they will also show you how much credit you are left with. Users can have a maximum of 70.00$ on their account.
• Now, chose an option and press the "Add Credit" button.
• Here is the last step, chose a payment method such credit card or google play card and the job is done.

Add Credit

How to add credit on Google Voice using Android Apps:

• First open your Google Voice app.
• Now, press the three horizontal line button which is on the top left of the screen beside the search bar.
• A new menu will open then go to the setting from there.
• In the setting, you will see the "Add Credit" option right under the payment section. Click on that.
• In the new window you will be asked how much credit you want to add, options are- 10$, 25$, and 50$. This will show your current balance too and you won't be able to keep more than 70$ credits at a time.
• Now select a payment method and Google will add the credit to the account.

payment method and Google will add the credit to the account

How to add Google Voice Credit if you are using iPhone:

To add credit with iPhone we can't use the app's method as the app is not available on iTunes.
For adding credit with iPhone go to the Google Voice webpages and then to the setting option. From there select the payment option and you will see how much credit you want to add. Select an option and click on the "add option". Now, chose a payment method and it's done.

Call rates of Google Voice:

The call rate of Google Voice is way cheaper than the regular mobile call application.
If you are making calls from the US then the cost is almost zero. Google Voice charges almost no money for US and Canada calls. Most calls in the US and Canada cost less than 1 cent but in some areas, it may vary. To know the call rate you can see the listed call rate chart.
It's best for making long-distance and international calls. Regular mobile carriers will charge a lot more than Google Voice.

Google Voice- Auto Recharge, Cancel Auto Recharge, Paid call Confirmation Massage:

If you are already familiar with these then you can skip that part and if you are not then this will help you.
Google Voice has an auto-recharge option. By turning that option on, Google will automatically recharge your account when you are low on balance. You can also cancel that auto recharge option if you are not comfortable.
And when your call will cost money then google voice will send you a message with the call rate. If you don't get the message then the call might be going through your mobile. Check the call setting and be sure.


Well, this was everything about Google Voice add credit. It has so many benefits which are not available on regular mobile call options. The users of google voice are increasing at a significant rate world widely. If anything else you wanna know about Google Voice then comments below or check out our other articles.
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