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Importance of Reading Newspaper


Man is naturally curious to know about various events of the world. The newspaper  is the best medium to satisfy this curiosity. A newspaper is a paper that carries news to us. It is a storehouse of knowledge. By reading newspaper, one can enrich one's knowledge. An educated and conscious person can never go without a newspaper for a single day. It is a part and parcel of life.

Importance of Reading Newspaper

The History of newspaper:

 The history of newspaper is very old. The first newspaper was brought out in Venice. In England it was first published during the reign of queen Elizabeth. 'The Indian Gazette" was the newspaper in our subcontinent which was published in 1774. The first Bangla newspaper was "The Samacher Darpan".

Different kinds of newspaper:

There are various kinds of newspaper. They are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on. There are weeklies for children and women and also quarterlies on sport. There are cinema newspapers too. Nowadays, monthlies on computer are available in the market. So famous newspaper in Bangladesh are The Daily Ittefaq, Prothom Alo, Jugantar, Inquilab, Daily Star, Independent, Bangladesh Observer etc. The Bichitra, the Bartman Dinkal, and the Chaya Chnda are the main weekly magazines.


Newspaper are very useful to all sections of people. It brings many news for us about what is happening at home and abroad. So everyone should read the newspaper. Because Merchants read newspaper to know the condition of the market. The people who love game and sports read newspaper to get sports news. The politicians read it to know the political news of the world. The unemployment people who are looking for jobs get news of vacancies of different offices through it. People also express their opinions through newspaper. The social, economic, cultural and political situations of a country are expressed in newspapers. Moreover sitting in our room we can know the situation of the world by reading newspaper. It removes global distance. The world has become smaller. One part of the world has linked up with another through the newspaper.

Educative value:

The students of schools and colleges are benefiting through newspaper. Because some newspapers are publishing MCQ type and board questions and answers. So newspapers is the cheapest means of mass education and communication. It gives us both pleasure and knowledge. Students read newspapers to supplement the education that they receive at schools and colleges.


Despite the great importance of newspaper. it has some demerits too. It is also not free from dark side. Sometimes, It publishes false and motivated news which create misunderstanding in the society.


Newspaper is the mirror of the modern world. The importance of reading newspaper in our daily life is unbounded. But it is not always an unmixed blessing. However, the benefits derived from reading newspapers are far greater than its demerits . So, we should read newspaper regularly. Because the more we read newspaper, the more we can acquire knowledge.
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