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School Education Should Be free


It is a universal truth that education is the backbone of a nation and school education is the basis of all education. Controversy exists on different topic but there is on controversy about education. There is no alternative to education. Education is the process that develops our mind. It is mental and intellectual training. It is education that differentiates a man from animal.

School Education Should Be free


A children should get education so as to increase the knowledge that develops social awareness, better decision making skills, competency in work thus making better citizen. Education is  a business today. The right to education of a child depends on the race and wealth of their parents.

By providing proper educational facilities only to those children who are economically well of, we are denying the basic right of an individual. Education is one of the basic fundamental right of a person. This is why many developed countries provide free primary and secondary education to all its citizens. Without education, it becomes very difficult to survive in the world. though it is mostly theoretical knowledge, proper education helps people a lot on carving out bright future.

Also. it is very essential for a person to have access to education to attain all the necessary skills to get dream jobs. A country needs educated and skilled people to enhance its economic status. This will be possible only if all are educated. Well educated people will be able to attain higher jobs in future. They will become good taxpayers which will be helpful to enhance the economic status of the country. Poverty and unemployment are some of the major reasons which impede the growth of many countries. To eliminate these problems, we have to create better educational opportunities for people. This will happen only if free education is given to everyone irrespective of their caste, wealth and race.


School education is essential for a better standard life.Free school education will ensure that all people have the primary qualifications to improve their quality of life. Some people do not get the opportunity to focus on their study. This will mainly because of the huge amount of fees levied on them. there are people who find it very difficult to go for higher studies due to the lack of money. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to ensure that free education is being given to all. Thus they will be able to focus on their studies better and ignore all the other distractions.

Free education ensures that equal opportunities are given to all regardless of their economic status. Through this type of education we can ensure that Some opportunities to develop their ideas and work towards the betterment of the country give people with talent and good grasping power.

Everyone has a dream job or a role model whom they look up to. In order to get inspired by their role models and achieved their dream job, education is very important. It is because of the huge payment demanded by the various institutions that some people get forced to forget about their dreams. Free education will assure people that they are free to dream higher.

all the means to achieve their dreams with such a system of education will give they. Everybody dreams for a corruption-free country. Corruption is one of the major problem in the world. It makes a great problem all over the world. In order to reduce this problem, we need educated and well experienced people. Free education helps to carve out better and responsible individuals who will help in the growth of the country.

School education should be free to make educated nation.


Government steps:

The government should provide free school education to support poor families  and meanwhile they should allow private firms to run educational institutions. The rich families who desire for high quality education can send their children to private firms. The government firms when compete with the private firms would result in delivering high quality in delivering their service. the government should build up equal educational opportunities system. Government should take proper step to remove corruption in this site.


Education is a basic fundamental right. So education should be free for everyone. It is very necessary to give at least free basic education for all citizens. This will also promote happiness and harmony among people.
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