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village fair full composition

Village Fair

village fair full composition


A fair is a large public event where goods are buy and sell and where there is often entertainment. A village fair is hold in an open place of a village either on the bank of a river or in the yard of a temple or decide a banyan tree. Different kinds of goods are bring here for show and sell.

All sections of people assemble at a village fair generally the children and the young have a great attraction for a village fair due to the large gathering at a village fair a deafening noise is create.

Exhibition of handmade goods

A village fair is a kind of exhibition of handmade goods. The village craftsmen make different kinds of useful articles and bring them to the fair for sale.small traders come to a village fair from different places with a view to selling readymade garments, cheap fancy goods, dolls, utensils ,cheap sweets , ribbons ,whistles ,fans, small looking glasses ,knives etc to villagers.

A village fair is is of great use to an agricultural country like Bangladesh.women find a large scale for the annual market for their handmade things though is not free from defects. There are many forms of entertainment at a village fair .jatra parties ,circus parties and nagardolas entertain the people in various ways .

Magicians are also find at a to amuse the villages with their magic tricks. But the largest crowd gathers around the place where jugglers show their wonderful feats in order to entertain the people.The greatest attraction of the  generally lies in the popular sea is set up in every fair. Children have a front of great joy in sitting on the wooden board and moving up and down.

The is not free from its drawbacks. The gambling parties come here and entice innocent people to take part gambling.Those who take part in kamling have to incur economic losses. Sometimes, miscreants flock to the  with a view to committing various kinds of mischief.

Game playing

Game playing is an unknown healthy feature of a fair sometimes if there is one thing in proper sanitation. Yet the people of villages organize a for recreation.

Thus it fosters in the village people with the spirit of cooperation and friendliness. The government should encourage the  as they promote rural handcrafts.but it should not allow gambling and other evil things who is corrupt the morality of the people.
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