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A Classroom

A Classroom

A Classroom


What is a classroom? Where is your classroom? What is the size of your classroom? How many pieces of furniture are there? How many students can sit there? How do you feel in your classroom?     

       A classroom is a room in a school building, which is meant only for holding classes. I am a student of class 9 reading in Islamic High School. I have my classroom there in the main building of the school; the room is forty feet long and eighteen feet wide. A six feet verandah runs beside my classroom. The room has four doors and eight windows, and so wind can pass easily through it. There is a dais in the classroom. A chair and a table are there on the dais for the use of the teachers. A very nice blackboard is there bung up at the south-eastern corner of the room. There are fourteen benches in the room. In the class, there are forty students, and the benches can accommodate all of them. This is, in short, a description of my class room.

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