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A Village Market Paragraph

A Village Market Paragraph

A village market is an important place to the villagers. It is a marketplace in a village, where the villagers go to buy and sell various things. A village market usually sits on the bank of a small river or a canal, or by the side of a highway. It also sits on cross-roads. It sits once or twice a week in the afternoon.

a village market

The villagers come to the market by small boats. In a village market, the villagers buy and sell different kinds of food-grains and other commodities. They buy and sell all kinds of daily necessaries here. It is, in fact, the primary Center to meet people's need. It also serves as a venture of the villagers to improve their economic condition. It is again a meeting place of the villagers. Here they meet and greet their friends and relatives, who also come to buy and sell their things. Thus, a village market bears a great social importance too.

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