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City Life

City life-its nature-rich people's liking to live in city-poor people also come-city dwellers enjoy living here-many problems-comforts for the rich-suffering for the poor-the good sides-need of improving condition.

City Life


City life is complex, mechanical and artificial. People in the city wake up hearing the sounds of modern transports. Nowadays all rich people like to live in a city. Because city life has its modern amenities, and here people get the opportunities for education and medical treatment. Poor people also come to a city in search of work facilities and shelter. So the number of population in a city is increasing day by day, which is creating so many problems. Although the city dwellers enjoy comforts and luxuries, they have to face a lot of problems. Power failure, traffic jam, crisis of water, environmental pollution, hijacking, kidnapping, murder, looting, snatching, terrorism and violence, water-logging and road accidents are the regular features of city life. The rich enjoy comforts but the poor suffer in many ways. The rich people live in luxuriant houses. But the poor live in slums, by the side of roads, at the railway station, at bus terminals like lower animals. So we need to improve the condition of our city life.

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