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Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

Environment pollution-a burning issue-a global problem-serious in a populous country-the problem in context of Bangladesh-causes of environment pollution-serious consequences-to take steps against this pollution.

Nowadays environment pollution is a burning issue. It is a global problem. It has become a tremendous problem in Bangladesh. The environmentalists of our country express their great apprehension about our future environment and its results. The people of our country are destroying our valuable forests day by day. The environment of our county is being polluted for want of sufficient forest resource. Unplanned massive industrialization is another cause of environment pollution. Smoke coming out from the mills and factories is polluting air. Smoke coming out from motor vehicles also pollutes air. Again, the waste products of the mills and factories are thrown into water, which causes pollution of water. The insecticides used in the fields of crops can pollute our environment. Environment pollution is gradually and dangerously changing the climate of our country. Many serious diseases are being caused by this. We must be conscious of the matter and try to remove this problem soon. The government should take all possible steps in order to improve this condition.

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