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Our School Library

Our School Library

A school library-its importance-library in our school-it is situated-furniture books kept in shelves-arrangement of books-organized in categories-arrangement for student's use-rules for students-rich in collection-types of books-my feeling.

A library is a part and parcel of a school, which is called a store of knowledge. There is a library in our school. Our library is housed on the first floor in a very big room of the school building. Ours is a very well furnished library. It has 20 almeries specially built for arranging books. The books are also on shelves. They are organized according to categories of classes and alphabetical order. There is enough arrangement for us to sit and read books. The students must remain silent when they are in the library. Every student can borrow books from the library for a certain period. He has to return the books in time. A librarian is appointed to look after and manage the whole thing. However, in our library, there is a rich collection of books. Books of almost all branches of knowledge like religion, history, philosophy, language, literature, biography, autobiography, mathematics, economics, politics, science etc. are available in this library. I feel really proud of our school library

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