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our national flag paragraph

our national flag paragraph

What is a national flag? How was our national flag achieved? What ate its size and shape? What is it made of? What ate its colors? What do its colors symbolize? How does it help us? How can we maintain the dignity and existence of our national flag and why?

            A national flag is the symbol of independence of a nation. Being a free nation, we have a national flag of our own. The national flag is the symbol of our national integrity, solidarity and sovereignty. We achieved our national flag at the cost of a sea of blood in 1971. The size of our national flag is 10:6 and its shape is rectangular. It is made of cotton, linen or silk. It bears a combination of two colors. The major parts of it are deep green. There is also a deep red round part in the middle of it looking like the rising sun. The green color of it stands for everlasting youth, freshness and vigor of the nation. It also symbolizes the rising sun of independence. The sun is the source of life on earth, and like the sun, the deep red sun globe signifies our glorious existence. Our national flag is the source of our spirit, hopes and aspiration. So we must defend our independence at any cost and save the existence and prestige of our invaluable and glorious national flag.

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