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village life paragraph

village life paragraph

Village life is quite natural and the people in our villages live a very simple life. Their life is very easy-going. They wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds. In the village, people live in pollution free environment. They eat fresh food, winter cakes and vegetables. They move freely in the fields, take a bath and swim in the river or in the pond. Children in the villages play freely in the open air and enjoy themselves on different occasions and festivals. The village people can enjoy the change of our seasons and different beauties of different seasons. They can enjoy a moonlit-night and the scenes of sun-rise and sun-set. They also enjoy village fair, zaree, sharee baul songs, bhawaia songs etc. They do not feel life to be so hard and complicated as the city people feel. Most of the villages are under developed and people cannot enjoy modern facilities, yet they live simply in peace and happiness with satisfaction.

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