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Walking paragraph

Walking paragraph

Walking-a good exercise-contribute to health-suitable time for walking-one can enjoy it-elderly people walk-advice of doctors-can keep free from diseases-makes mind cheerful-use of walking shoes and walking stick.

            Walking is a good exercise. It is good for our health. It keeps our body fit. keeps our body fit. The habit of walking a mile or two every day is beneficial to our health. Early morning and evening are very suitable for walking. One can get fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature if one walks. Some elderly people never forget their morning or evening walk. Doctors always advise people for walking. As it is a king of exercise, it can keep one free from many diseases. Walking should be enjoyed by the young as well as the old. It makes one's mind cheerful and one's body energetic. Friendly companions can increase the pleasures of walking. Since walking is good for health, a habit of walking should be grown.

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