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Buying Books

Buying Books

Buying book-a worthy matter-a book-a store house - reflection of society buying books a worthiest thing - books are costly-sometimes cheap-a book is a companion - can give us many things.

            Buying books is a worthy matter because a book is a storehouse of knowledge and source of joy. In books we can see the reflection of our society. By reading books we can prepare ourselves for our practical as well as spiritual life and realize the significances of our life. So buying books is one of the worthiest things we can do. Nowadays books have become much costly, still the money is well spent when we buy books; sometimes books are available at a cheap rate in a book fair. We also get books at a cheaper rate if we go to buy second-hand books. However, a good book is always a good friend and companion. It is like a living personality. It can give us knowledge and pleasure, and during the periods of our sufferings we can have a consolation through reading book. So wise men always buy books.

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