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Your School Magazine paragraph

Your School Magazine paragraph

What is meant by school magazine? What is the name of your school magazine? How is it published? How are the topics of the magazine selected? What does it contain? How can the school magazine help the students?

            A school magazine is a literary creation of the students. It is an annual or periodical publication of the school. Our school magazine is entitled as "The School Barshiki." The headmaster is the chief patron of it. One of the students of the magazine committee works as the editor. He is guided by a senior teacher. We have a rich magazine fund. The students write for the magazine. The class teachers collect their writings. The committee sorts out them and selects the best ones. Then they ate sent to press for printing. Our school magazine contains poems, short stories, riddles, jokes, annual reports etc. It also contains messages from important personalities and some universal maxims. Our teachers also write for the magazine. Our magazine is rich in literary compositions. The school magazine helps the young learners and writers to develop their latent faculties. It helps them in developing their power of thinking and writing. However, we are proud of our school magazine.

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