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Hydrogen Fuel: An Alternative Energy Source

The demand for alternative energy in today's power hungry world is reasonably high. As we are running out of natural gas and other prospective fuels, the growing demand for effective alternative energy is getting higher and higher.

Among them, hydrogen fuel driven sources are considered one of the prominent energy sources. Hydrogen is basically the raw material of this energy source.

So a common question may arise: how can we get this hydrogen?

The answer is from fossil fuels. More specifically, it comes from natural gas. Another typical method of getting hydrogen from water molecules. We know that water molecules contain hydrogen and oxygen atoms. So by the process called electrolysis, hydrogen is aparted from the water molecule.

After that it is placed in fuel cells where the same process is executed where the energy of the hydrogen atom is being used. 

Second question we may ask:

why are we choosing hydrogen apart from many other elements that are available in this world?

The answer is complex and long.

To understand it, we must get some knowledge about the chemical symbol of hydrogen (H). Its position in the atomic table is one. Therefore, it consists of one electron and one proton. It is colorless, tasteless and highly flammable. One of the prime advantages of hydrogen is that it is a non-pollutant gas.

However, it is not found directly on earth and it should be extracted from the compounds of it. It is use in fuel cells and thus considered as hydrogen fuel cells, an alternative energy source for the modern world.

Though it is found on earth as an abundant element and can be used to produce energy, it itself is not considered as an energy source.

It can also be used in storage and transportation systems as well as in chemical and fertilizer applications. It is acceptable for clean energy production and for zero impact on the environment and living things. 

What makes hydrogen grow ahead of any other fuel in terms of clean energy generation?

The answer is zero carbon emission which is the major concern of the present world. Carbon emission is the main culprit of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the search for a carbon emission free fuel has been ongoing for years and hydrogen fuel comes as a blessing in this respect. It has a great outcome on mobile storage systems as well as immobile storage. Moreover, it can be produced from renewable sources like biogas, solar driven technology, wind etc. The availability of hydrogen is growing with the increasing demand and lowering cost of renewable energy based power generation systems.

The chemical process called electrolysis is used in hydrogen fuel production which also emits zero carbon emission.

All of the above information states that the new clean energy generation from hydrogen based technology.

The simplicity of construction makes hydrogen fuel a better alternative.

The comparative noise production from this technology is also quite low. The rising demand of electrical vehicle systems in today’s world can be met by hydrogen fuel based technology. Because most of the carbon emissions are from fossil fuel driven cars and trucks. This can be omitted by the portable storage system of hydrogen fuel. Completely clean, easily affordable and low noise production are some of the key benefits of using this promising alternative technology.

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