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Classification of Polymers

Classification of Polymers

A. According to broad sense-

a. Biological Polymer

This polymers are natural polymer, produced from the cells of living organism. They consist of monomeric units by covalently bonded to form a large molecule.

There are mainly 3 types of Bio-polymer-

i. Poly-nucleotides- DNA, RNA etc.

ii. Poly peptides- Collagen, Actin, Fibrin.

iii. Poly saccharides- Starch, Cellulose, Alginate etc.

b. Industrial Polymer- They are provide in fibers, plastics, rubbers, elastomers, adhesive.

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B. According to the different points of view-

a. On the basis of origin

i. Natural polymer- Cellulose, Fibroin, Keratin, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Rubber etc.

ii. Semi-synthetic polymer- Viscose rayon, Acitate rayon, casein, Albumins Glue etc.

iii. Synthetic polymer- Polyethylene, Polyester, Nylon, Polystyrene etc.

b. On the basis of chemical nature

i. Organic- Polymer having carbons atoms in its main backbone. Such as- polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, Nylon etc.

ii. Inorganic- Polymer having another atom without carbon in its main chain.- Silicon, Glass etc.

C. On the basis of chemical reaction mechanism

i. Chain/ Addition polymer- Polyethene, PVC.

ii. Step/Condensation polymer- Polyester, Nylon etc.

D. On the basis of the behavior of polymer towards that-

i. Thermoplastic- These polymers are softer on heating and solidified in cooling. Such as- polyester, nylon etc.

ii. Thermosetting- This polymers are harden during formation but once they became insoluble or infusible. Example- Urea formaldehyde, Melamine formaldehyde etc.

E. On the basis of repeat unit present in main chain

i. Homo polymer- If one type of repeat unit present in the main chain of a polymer, then it is called Homo polymer. Such as- Polystyrene, Poly Stillbene etc.

ii. Co-polymer- If more one type of repeat unit present in the main chain of a polymer then it is called co-polymer. Such as- Poly(styrene-co-stilbene).

F. On the basis of structure

i. Linear

ii. Branched

iii. Crosslinked

iv. Star

v. Ladder

vi. Combed

vii. Polyrotaxame

viii. Dentdream

G. On the basis of side chain/ tacticity

i. Isotactic- The polymers whose side chains are arranged in one side of its main chain alternately is called Isotactic.

ii. Syndiotactic- The polymer whose side chains are arranged in both side of it’s main chain alternately is called syndiotactic.

iii. Atactic- The polymer whose side chains are arranged in both side of it’s main chain randomly is called Atactic.

H. On the basis of and users

i. Fiber- Cotton, Nylon, Polyester etc.

ii. Elastomer- Spandex

iii. Plastic- PVC

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