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Pakistan New Prime Minister 2022

Shahbaz Sharif; How did the new Prime Minister of Pakistan become the Prime Minister in a hurry from the Opposition?

First, Mr. Imran did not have the support of the majority MPs in Parliament. His party did form a coalition government with another political party in the country.



In this situation, he dissolved the parliament and called for new elections.
The opposition first challenged Imran's dissolution to the Speaker of Parliament, then the Deputy Speaker, but the Deputy Speaker rejected the opposition's motion of no-confidence.
On the issue, the Supreme Court has ruled that the order passed by the Deputy Speaker dismissing the no-confidence motion is unconstitutional.

According to Pakistan's constitution, if a prime minister loses a no-confidence vote in parliament or a prime minister asks the president to dissolve parliament, the president will see if anyone else in parliament is eligible to be prime minister. In that case, he will be the prime minister, no matter which party he belongs to.

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Even if the late Prime Minister Khan calls for the dissolution of Parliament, the President cannot do so. Because Prime Minister Imran Khan does not have a majority in Parliament, neither he nor his party has the authority to dissolve Parliament. But if you want to break it, then the president has to see if anyone else can become the prime minister with the support of the majority of the parliament. If anyone else has a majority, he will be the Prime Minister. On the other hand, if Imran's party had a majority, then there would have been a legitimacy to dissolve this parliament.

Due to this, the Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif's younger brother) Shahbaz Sharif became the Prime Minister as the opposition was in the majority in Pakistan.
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