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Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

The 2nd furnace station is called the heart of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant because of  there the nuclear fuel burning energy is produced and the electricity is generated. 

In addition to nuclear power plant and there are more different types of power plants in Bangladesh. But do you know why Bangladesh and the world wide countries are so interested in  with the nuclear power plants and  what will Bangladesh achieve from here?

What will Bangladesh Get from Here?

Exactly simply said this answer is the amount of electricity 24000 megawatts but that’s not original achievement. It’s important to be here electricity will be generating in low cost. Bangladesh has also Gas, Diesel, Furnace oil, Solar and coal-fired power plants.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

If the country uses the nuclear fuel to generate electricity, the costs of every unit phase  will be minimum 4.38 Taka. By using the other fuels like gases, diesels and coals to generate the electricity, the minimum cost will be much more.

Electricity Generation Cost(per Unit) Graph

The lifespan of  Rooppur Nuclear Power Center is more than 60 years and which can be 80 years of possible. On the contrary, other nuclear power centers have the average life expectancy is only 15 to 20 years. So, it can easily say that Bangladesh will generate electricity for long time.

Why Nuclear Power is Important?

1. Power Assurance

If the Bangladesh nuclear power center form just less expensive but that can be found in electricity are not these powers can be found for long?.

A few days before load shedding did not so happen in Bangladesh but now is being frequently. It is not like that the country does not have the capacity to produce electricity.

Rather, there is production capacity of Bangladesh and there are power plants but there is not essential fuel for production. Because diesel, coal and gas anything those are Bangladesh mainly imports. The crisis is being created due to the supply of the world in the world market. This is why they have to be patient with Oil and gas rich countries. But if you have nuclear power plant, you don't have to do that anymore.

It can produce a lot of electricity with little fuel. For example, you will get the same amount of electricity from burning 1 lakh kg coal as you will from only 1 kg of nuclear fuel.

1 lakh kg coal= 1 kg nuclear fuel

2. The Pressure on The Economy will Ease

In order to set up the power center need huge investment. On Bangladesh, it is more than 1 lack and 13 thousand corers of money therefore so much huge investment or foreign loan. Now the consideration before the establishment of the nuclear power plant- Does the country's economy has the ability to carry such huge loans?

3. Eco Friendly

Power center has to be considered using is renewal energy. It doesn’t carbon emissions. So, European Union are recognizing as environmentally friendly. On the other hand, carbon emission being buried by electricity in the oil gas. It is increasing the climate change global warming.


The nuclear fuel used is very sensitive and there is a lot of panic. But remember that it is not a atomic bomb. It's a power station. There is no basis for the idea that there will be explosion or damage like an atomic bomb.

As nuclear fuel is used, here is the risk of spreading radioactivity. To survive that modern and proven technologies are using the world wide. Biggest accident in the nuclear power plant has just three whose latest was happened in Fukushima of Japan. 

Why is There So Much Interest in It Worldwide?

The world-wide energy crisis caused by the war and on the way to the energy crisis.As a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, there happens the world-wide energy crisis and it also becomes the cause of the electrical energy crisis. Many countries in Europe, are thinking again about the power plant. Germany announced the closure of three nuclear power plant. But recently they backtracked on their announcement. There recently announce for establishing this type powerplants on  at least 7 countries included Britain and France.

Bangladesh is not too fast to get electricity from the nuclear power plant. It will take time to be inaugurated at least 2 years.

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