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Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol Full Composition

The Abuse of Drugs

Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol Full Composition

Drug is a substance used to treat or prevent disease or infection. It is an essential element of human life. But when this drug is taken for the harmful effects it has on the body and mind, it is termed as the abuse of drugs. And, the abuse of drugs has devastating inpact on life . The abuse of drugs ar drug addiction has become a serious national problem in recent times.

An irresistible attraction for some harmful things may be said to be addiction and the materials which cause intoxication in man are called drugs. These drugs include opium, morphine, pethindine, heroine, cocaine , marijuna , hemp, charas, bhang etc.

Drug addiction is spreading like pestilence in Bangladesh. The number of  addicts is increaseing rapidly. There are many reasons for this rapid increase. The impact of pseudo-culture has misled a section of our youth to find relief in the tranqullising effect of druts; Acute unemployment, extreme proverty, political unrest, lack of social security, lack of any particylar aim in life ther are other reaxons for frustration of a greater section of our young generation who fall victim to drug addiction.

Because of some dishonest businessmen drugs are easily availbale to young men nowadays. Thus a lot of out young men and women, and even teenager, have become addicted to drugs of different kinds.Drugs have terrible effects on human body.It carries the addict to an unreal world of dreams. This is call hallucination. The addict feels drowsy, loses appetite and feels like vomiting.abuse of drugs and alcohol The poisonous effect of drugs is dargerous. They damage the brain and the internal fucktion of the body and ulitimately lead oto death.

The remedy for drug addiction:

The remedy for drug addiction is not very easy. Drug business is punishavle and the highest punishment is death sentence in Bangladesh. This law must be enfoece stictly.Abuse of drugs and alcohol Out young genetaion must be make aware of the dangerous effect of drug taking. Employment opportunity must ve created. Political unrest must be stop. Parents muist be careful more abouy the education and upbringing of their children. Government should set up more remedial centres to give proper service to a greater number of addicts.

Drug addiction is a curse to civilisation. It destroys a person, a family and a society. So we should be conscious of this curse. We should prevent our children from talking drugs. A countrywide campaign against drug addiction should be undertake immediately. We all should come forward to get rid of this terrible curse.
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