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Plantation of Trees

Plantation of Trees

Plantation of trees- best thing we can do- fruits, flowers etc. from trees-improve environment- save from natural calamities-beauty of nature-we have some forests people cut down trees-dangerous situation-plant more trees.

            Plantation of trees is one of the best things we can do. It serves many useful purposes. We get flowers, fruits, fuel, and timber from trees. Trees make air fresh and improve the environment. They save us from natural calamities like drought, storms and floods etc. They increase the beauty of nature. So trees are a valuable asset to a country. We have some forests like the Sundarbans, the Bhawal forests Modhupur forests and the forests of Chittagong Hill Tracts. But these are not enough for us. Moreover, it is unfortunate that our people have always been cutting down trees for fuel, furniture and other purposes. This is, no doubt, creating a dangerous situation for the country. We should therefore plant more trees than we cut down. We must undertake a vast project for planting trees all over the country, which will be a noble service to the nation.

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