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Java Learning (Updated on 2022)


Java Learning (Updated on)
Java learning-I arrange the subjects which will help to know about Java.


I will explain everything which you need.

 The features for learning Java-

  1. What is java and it’s feature’s.
  2. Java Fundamentals.
  3. OOP’s
  4. Package & Access Rule
  5. Arrays
  6. String
  7. Thread
  8. IO
  9. GUI – AWT, SWING, Event, Applet
  10. Networking or Socket Programming.
  11. Reflection.
  12. Exception handling
  13. Collection or D.s
  14. JDBC or SQL database MYSQL, Oracle
  15. I18N Internationalization
  16. JEE server
  17. HTML, CSS, Bootsrap.
  18. JSP
  19. Web service.

Software- It is the set of programs.

A software is the combination of requirement

specification (SRS)

+ Implementation

+ Documentation (Report).

Type of Software-

1. System.E.g- OS

2. Application. E.g. – Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App, Enterprise App etc.

3. Utility. E.g. - Drivers.

To make a software we follow SDLC.

SDLC ( Software Development Like Cycle) -

  1. Requirement Specification
  2. Analysis
  3. Fesibality Study
  4. Designing
  5. Coding
  6. Testing(STLC)
  7. Feedback
  8. Maintance.

What is programming language?

It is the helper component by which we are creating program.

It provide us syntax and semantic by which we are creating the program.

What is program?

It is the set of instruction that are in static state.

Set of activities which are combine together in order to achieve specific task.

But they are in static state not execution if a program in exaction it become process.

Type of Programming Language-

  1. Low level: Those language programs are directly interact with hardware. E.g. machine language, Assembly (001-Add, 111-Load).
  2. Middle level: Those language has features of both low as well as high.
  3. High level: Those language program are not directly interact with hardware. They are written in Standard English language. E.g. – COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, BCAP C, CPL, C++, Java, Net, Php etc.

Programming Approach or Methodology to Develop a Software:

  1. Procedural Oriented( Top to Bottom)
  2. Object Oriented( Bottom to Top)
  3. Aspect Oriented( Bottom to Top)

You may have some questions-

Why we are not using Procedural Oriented Process?

Because, it has some problems.

Here I will show you some problems of Procedural Oriented Process.

Problem with Procedural Oriented-

  1. Not connect with real word.
  2. Complicity.
  3. No Modularity
  4. Dependency( Tight coupling)
  5. No Reusability.
  6. No Data Hiding.

So Object-Oriented process is better than Procedural Oriented Process.

Do you want to know about Object Oriented ?

Here is the answer of your curiosity.


It is the programming methodology or technic. Which is taken from real word in order to simplify the the development of software. In object oriented methodology we have so many concepts like-

Object, class, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction etc. collectively all the concepts are called OOP’S( Object Oriented Programming Concepts).

If any programming language have all the features of OOP’S.

It is called Object Oriented Programming Language.

Difference between C and C++

  1. C is the procedural oriented programming language.
  2. C++ is the object oriented programming language.

What is Java?

James Gosling is father of Java. OAK is the first name of Java.

Oracle is now java’s owner.

  1. Java is the high-level programming language.
  2. It is object-oriented programming language.
  3. Java is high-level object oriented by which we can develop many type of software.
  4. It is a platform. Java has three platforms. They are JSE, JEE, JME.

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