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Polymer Science Basics

Polymer Science

If you want to about polymer science, firstly you need to know about polymer and polymer related basics.

Polymer Science Basics


The word "Polymer" has derived from two Greek words. "Poly" and "Mers"- Poly means "many" or "more", Mer means "Parts" or "Units".

So, we can say that polymer large molecule bulid up by the repetition of some small and simple chemical units named monomer. The another name of polymer is "Giant molecule" or "Macro molecule".

The father of polymer science is German scientist Staudinger.

The examples of polymer- fibers, plastics, rubber, adhesive, resin for paints, varnishes etc.


This simple and small chemical units from which polymer is build up is call monomer.

Monomer is the starting material of polymer.

Monomer is the starting material of polymer.


Polymer Science

Repeat Unit

This mole and simple chemical units which are repeated again and again polymer


The repeat unit of a polymer is same or nearly same of monomer.


The polymer whose molecule weight is less than 10 & degree of polymer is less than 7 is called oligomer.

Monomer Residue

The remaining parts of a monomer that is present in a polymer is called monomer residue.

The example is given below-

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