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mosquito menace

mosquito menace   for man. Mosquito menace has taken a serious turn in our city. People cannot work peacefully. Students cannot pay attentio...

Engineer Simple

keeping a diary

keeping a diary   A diary is a record of daily events, thoughts, feelings and experience etc. It is also a useful thing as short notes of da...

Engineer Simple

my childhood

my childhood   Like all other people I enjoyed my childhood days. I cannot forget the sweet memories of those days. I still remember my firs...

Engineer Simple

my daily activities at home

I am a student. I have to do a lot of activities at home. In the morning I prepare my lesson. I clean my reading table. Then I tidy up my ro...

Engineer Simple

A Street Beggar Paragraph

A Street Beggar     A street beggar is a person who begs in streets. He is found in tatters sitting at one side of a street which is usually...

Engineer Simple

importance of physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important and useful in our life. We need it for many reasons. It helps our muscles and nerves to work properly. I...

Engineer Simple

village life paragraph

Village life is quite natural and the people in our villages live a very simple life. Their life is very easy-going. They wake up from sleep...

Engineer Simple

a reporter paragraph

A reporter-who is called - role of a reporter- kinds of news he supplies- should be idea- his is a noble job- builder of public opinion- sho...

Engineer Simple

An Export Fair Paragraph

An Export Fair Paragraph   An export fair-its meaning - where it is held - its purpose - the context of Bangladesh - The motive of the gover...

Engineer Simple

dangers of smoking

Smoking-bad habit---dangerous habit-causes various diseases-harmful particles in cigarettes-nicotine and its effect-bad smell in the mouth-d...

Engineer Simple